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May 07, 2008



Oh,my goodness! They are amazingly tiny and so adorable! Thank you for keeping us posted with your hatching diary!

Kathi D

Wow! They are so cute! I am watching daily for our wild quail to show up with babies. I love to see them trailing behind mama and papa.

bethany canfield

are those day olds!?!?! We are getting some from Lazy 54 tomorrow! Where in oregon do you live?

I love your chicken header!

Laurie Kruczek

Oh lordy, those are tiny! Where do they live now and what do they do? Please tell me the function of button quail. LOL.


oh my gosh, those are so cute! are they bantams, or quail? my chickens are actually laying eggs right now and i should see some chicks here in a month, and my blue hen had some chicks of her own that are about 1 month and half old now. :D i just love chickens and blogs. i have a blog too if anybody wants to visit it.

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