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July 02, 2008


Laurie Kruczek

We always feed the chipmunks, too. When we were rained out at Prineville Reservoir, it was the only entertainment! I love the area you camped in. Metolius River is beautiful! Someday I hope to learn to fly fish (I just do regular trout fishing in lakes right now) and that would be the place I'd love to do it. Very nice swimming hole, too! If you ever come visit us, out in the gorge, I will take you to the swimming hole on our property. It's right on the creek and very private. I tried to fish there this morning, actually, but no luck. I never have any fishing luck. I'm a terrible angler, if you wanna know the truth. LOL. Looks like you had a really nice vacation overall :)

Gayle Yokley

Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time and the Metolius is such a beautiful area to camp.

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