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October 18, 2008


Aunt Gayle

Wow! Way cool find! Never know what you will find at thrift stores or garage sales! Sorry, can't help you with identifying them or from what era.


Lovely! These were done in the late 60s into the 70s. The saying came from a book Vera illustrated for her sister, Alice Siegal, "Words Are Funny."


Hey CHels- Vera was a clothing/fabric designer, dating even earlier than the 50's, though I don't know her exact life span. I was actually lucky to have gotten ahold of some of the fabrics that were printed for her dresses awhile ago....had a friend who's great aunt worked for Vera and had packed these fabrics away and when she died, I got to go through it all. Unfortunately, I didn't use the fabric for a long time, and didn't know I probably could've made some money on them, so I think I ended up giving them away to goodwill. Lucky you, I love the plates!


Sought-after items include scarves, especially early silks, flowers and butterfly designs from the '70s. Price range from $10 to $50, depending on the condition and age. Table linens can fetch $40 and up. Complete sets of Vera for Mikasa dishes easily can sell for $100 and up.
HI :)


I am speechless. And jealous. We are so going thrift shopping together at some point!

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